Flat Out Junior Duathlon

Information for residents

Our ATC All-Inclusive Junior Duathlon will take place in Narraghmore again this year. This popular long-running duathlon is traditionally a fun event for every child regardless of ability and places an emphasis on taking part, doing your best and finishing with a smile.

For the more competitive-minded, in addition to being a round of Triathlon Ireland’s Costcutter Youth Series, the event will also serve as the Youth National Championships as well as the National Primary (aged 8+) and Post-Primary Championships. We will, again this year, have draft legal racing. Older age groups, from 10-11 on will take part in this exciting and tactical racing format.

Like in 2023, the cycle for draft legal races will take place on a closed 5k loop. In order to allow the event to flow smoothly, we ask that you please approach Narraghmore along the L8016 from the east as this will be the only open road on the day. Download course and event maps here.

As ever, we are very grateful to the residents of Narraghmore, the Gardaí, our sponsors and supporters for their support for this event.

You can enter on the Triathlon Ireland (TI) Events page here: https://app.triathlonireland.com/race-calendar/ Please note that, due to TI rules, you will need to purchase a one-day membership (ODM) for your child to race, this costs €6 and is in addition to the race entry fee. The ODM can be purchased on the TI website when entering. Further details about registering your child are available below.

Details about race distances are available below. If you have any further questions or are looking for more information, contact us by email: [email protected].

We can’t wait to see you on the day.

Further Information

Race distances will vary depending on age group. Each race, for every age, will consist of a run, a cycle and another run.

Expected schedule on the day.

We would expect that everything will run on time barring unforeseen circumstances or delays. We would appreciate your consideration in approaching the village from the east along the L8016 in order to help us to run the event as smoothly as possible.

If your Junior does not have a Triathlon Ireland account yet, please follow these three steps:

How to register for a race:

1. The Parent or Guardian will need to create a free account (U18s cannot have their own account).

2. ‘Add a Junior Account.’ Full details on how to add a Junior account can be found on this page (screenshot of relevant text below).

3. Register for a race through your Triathlon Ireland account, ensuring that you select the junior member’s name during the registration process when you are asked to ‘Select the Athlete.’