Iron Man Barcelona Fundraising Cheque Presentation

Cheque Presentation

Shannon (Peter McVerry) & Jill (Mental Health Ireland) were at The Clanard Court Hotel in Athy on Wednesday evening to accept cheques for money raised by Athy Triathlon Club for their organisations.

Eamonn McEntee whose idea it was to use the large ATC presence at IM Barca 2018 as a platform to raise funds was there as well to present the cheques on behalf of the club, especially the Barca 21 – Team ATC who all worked so hard to fundraise while training for the event.

Presentation to Peter McVerry Trust.

The presentation of these cheques represents the culmination of an almost year long effort which may have peaked with that wonderful day in Barcelona when all 21 club members ran up the famous red carpet and crossed the line to the words. “You are an Iron Man,” but which contained many other high and low points in all of their journeys. Wednesday in The Clanard was a high point of course!

Presentation to Mental Health Ireland

ATC, and especially Team Barca would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to this proud achievement.